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After School Programs

As a parent, you want the experience of dance lessons to be productive, positive, and enjoyable. The benefits of dance are immense. Children develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.


"There is no way to fast forward and know how the kids will look back on this; but I have seen the joy in their eyes, and have heard it in their voices; and I have watched them take a bow, and come up taller."





For over 20 years, the 11th Avenue Ballet School has been providing the Yakima Valley with outstanding dance classes for toddlers, children, teens, and adults.

Instructor Noël Manderville is a professionally trained dancer with a commitment to providing high quality training and individual attention in a friendly atmosphere.



Storybook Ballet         

Ages 3-5


This program is specifically designed to expose children 3-5 years old to ballet in an imaginative and magical setting such that they will anticipate coming to ballet class each week.

The use of a story, props, and music in each class is a means of capturing the child's attention and providing them with a framework in which to learn basic ballet steps and movement concepts.


-Willie Reade, 52nd St. Project,


Ages 6 & 7


We know that entering grade school doesn't mean you're ready to put aside the joys and magic of fairy tales, story telling, and twirling through space.

Pre-Ballet, for 6 and 7 year olds, is still part of the Storybook program. Beginning ballet instruction is entwined with classical ballet stories and danced to the strains of Tchaikovsky, Chopin, and Bach.



Ballet Technique

Ages 8+ 


Our specially designed ballet curriculum is an integration of the Ballet Russe training, Bournonville technique, and Russian Vagonova methodology.


Each level prepares the dancer for advancement through a carefully developed progression that builds a lyrical upper body, strength, precision, agility, alignment, and musicality.

Ballet I

Ballet I is called The Most Important Year; proper placement for muscle memory is a must.


An exciting transformation takes place at this stage where the children are ready to comprehend the more careful and complex concepts of movement. 

Emphasis is on slow, careful footwork, alignment, and the verticality of the body. 

To ease them into this new discipline, the joy and freedom of Pre-Ballet is kept alive with creativity and new choreographic challenges.

Ballet II

Building on the steps and good habits of Ballet I, strength-building and coordination between arms and legs are emphasized. More allegro is introduced, as well as more complex adagios.

Ballet III

As students move up, they begin to understand the subtleties of classical training. Corrections become more astute. Attention is directed to a strong, lengthened balance and a fluidity of the upper body. With dancers preparing for pointe, strong ankles and hip joints are emphasized.

Students add to their ballet repertoire pirouettes and batterie. Pointe work is introduced. 

Ballet IV

During this level, the concepts that lead a dancer toward transforming technique into artistic expression are explicitly addressed.

The vocabulary of barre work is complete. With progression, pointe class may be added one or two times a week. Combinations, or enchantments, become more complex.

Ballet V, VI, VII

During the final years of intensive study, there is an intellectual understanding of the kinetic experience of classical technique and of what makes movement happen. Grand pirouettes are added. 

Center adagios are performed on demi-pointe.

The subtle adjustments and an understanding of the body begin to make the dancer a truly expressive artist.


Noël Manderville, instructor


Ms. Manderville trained under Perry Brunson, Anne Green Gilbert, Raymond Bussey, Flemming Halby, Sara de Luis, the National Dance Institute, and is the current Artistic Director of Art in Motion.


Registration requires a $25. per class non-refundable registration fee, applicable toward 1st month’s tuition.

A costume fee of $15. a year is included in price of tuition.

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Storybook Ballet Arts Encounter


Adult/ Teen       

Open to adult and teen students who've had no formal ballet training and to those who've studied in the past and wish to resume training. Emphasis is on on correct placement, body alignment, toning, and stretching.

Ballet training reshapes body lines, tones muscles, improves balance, strength, grace, and memory, in addition to deepening an appreciation of the art.


Adult Beginning Ballet

Designed for adult and teen students who are new to ballet class; focus is on proper alignment, core stength, musicality and ballet fundamentals. 

These concepts are incorporated into a full ballet class with exercises at the barre, in the center and moving across the floor. 


Ballet IV and Ballet V

From former dancers/ professionals to adults and teens starting their training, this beginning/ intermediate level is for those that have an understanding of the ballet fundamentals.

Emphasis of this level is on improving proper alignment, rotation, fluidity, and strength.

Dancers will expand their vocabulary while learning new movements and styles.




Storybook Ballet

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